Plastic pollution in the ocean is, unfortunately, a problem of the utmost urgency. It is not news that our trash is killing thousands of marine animals every year.

To honor all water-saving superheroes out there, we prepared a detailed infographic. We based it on our article about the effects of bottled water on the environment.

Ocean pollution is among the top 6 types of water pollution and, unfortunately, we do not limit our impact only to plastic. Nevertheless, plastic ocean water pollution is among the worst things we do to our oceans, with catastrophic consequences.

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Why Is It Important to Understand the Effects of Plastic Pollution In the Ocean?

Our goal was to answer the most frequent questions related to plastic pollution in the ocean. In addition, we also want to raise awareness of how bottled water contributes to the rapid degradation of the aquatic environment.

These are some of the questions we hope our infographic will help clear up:

  • How much plastic do humans generate from drinking bottled water alone?
  • Why and how do water bottles contribute to plastic pollution at a global level?
  • What is the amount of plastic bottles in the ocean?
  • How many plastic bottles do we make each year?
  • What solutions do we have to save the planet from plastic asphyxiation?

Let’s dive in and explore the facts!

plastic pollution in the ocean infographic

We hope this infographic on plastic pollution in the ocean made some things clearer. Humanity’s impact on the environment is harder and harder to deny these days. Our only hope is that more people embrace some of the solutions experts propose to reduce water pollution.

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How To Reduce Ocean Water Pollution: Awareness and Small Lifestyle Changes

  • We have to be aware that water pollution inevitably leads to water crises all over the world.

Additionally, we should also understand how the fashion industry takes a huge toll on the environment as well. Moreover, we can also keep an eye on the food industry and even lower our water footprint by making wiser choices when it comes to our food.

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  • We do not only turn the ocean into a garbage pile. We also transform rivers into trash cans. In turn, this endangers all aquatic environments.

More than that, however, river pollution threatens the health and life of humans.

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  • But we did not lose the fight yet! Some may consider we just started. As you probably know, we do have the means and resources to reduce plastic water use.

Following a few simple sustainability guidelines can help us achieve a plastic bottles-free life. In turn, our small but impactful actions can save lives.

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  • We also enjoy a handful of solutions to drinking safe water without buying bottled water ever again.

Filtering our tap water is the easiest, most affordable, and most efficient way to drink clean and tasty water without touching a plastic bottle. 

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Ocean Water Pollution Affects Us All

If you have other facts and figures on water pollution, let us know in the comments section below! We are always happy to meet other environmental advocates who speak their minds and make their voices heard! 

Feel free to add your own data to the mix! We should all have a comprehensive view of plastic pollution. Moreover, we must all understand the solutions at hand to protect the environment and human life!

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