Plastic pollution in the ocean is, unfortunately, a problem of the utmost urgency because our trash is killing thousands of marine animals every year.

In honor of World Water Day this year and every year – and to honor all water-saving superheroes out there – we prepared a detailed infographic based on our article about the effects of bottled water on the environment.

Our goal was to answer the most frequent questions related to plastic pollution in the ocean and raise awareness on how bottled water, alone, is contributing to the rapid degradation of the aquatic environment.

These are some of the questions we hope our infographic will help clear up:

  • How much plastic do humans generate from drinking bottled water alone?
  • How do water bottles contribute to plastic pollution at a global level?
  • How many plastic bottles are in the ocean?
  • How many plastic bottles are made each year?
  • How can we save the planet from a slow death by plastic asphyxiation?

Let’s dive in and explore the facts!

plastic pollution in the ocean infographic

We hope this infographic on plastic pollution in the ocean made some things clearer. Humanity’s impact on the environment is harder and harder to deny these days. Our only hope is that more and more people become willing to embrace some of the solutions experts propose to reduce plastic pollution overall.

If you have other facts and figures on plastic pollution in the ocean or of freshwater sources, let us know in the comments section below! We are always happy to meet other environmental advocates who speak their minds and make their voices heard on such important global matters! 

Feel free to add your own data to the mix so we can all have a comprehensive and updated view on plastic pollution and the solutions at hand to protect the environment, animal welfare, and human life as we know them!

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