Lidia Bertesteanu

Main Editor

My name is Lidia Bertesteanu and I am an editor for Water is a Right. Though I followed an education and a career in the Humanities, I have a bachelor degree in Comparative Literature and a master degree in American Studies, I’ve always had a deep fascination for everything science related.

And that’s how, digging through specialized articles and binging documentaries, I realized that I want to be one of the voices that’s militating for a cleaner, more sustainable environment.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t start caring for the environment after seeing just a couple of documentaries. I started caring, and actively doing something, ever since I was in high school when I joined a volunteer group that took care of a natural habitat located in my hometown. It was mainly picking up plastic and renovating small wooden houses used by tourists, but I felt like I was making a small difference.

Why do I care so much about water? Because water is not a renewable resource, at least, not clean water, the one we need to survive. Also because bottled water is one of the biggest environmental threats today. That’s why I try to convince all my friends and family to stop buying bottled water and switch to more eco-friendly alternatives.

When I’m not editing or writing pieces, you can find me reading in a quiet place, binging TV-shows or documentaries, cosplaying, or just having fun with my pet cat, Roach.

My Recent Articles

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