Water Pollution

Did you know that water pollution endangers about 1 billion people every year? Here, you’ll find science-based water pollution facts and water conservation methods! From climate change’s impact upon clean water supplies to water pollution solutions that are in your grasp, arm yourself with information and become a water superhero!

Infographic : The Effects of Plastic Pollution in the Ocean

Infographic : The Effects of Plastic Pollution in the Ocean

How severe is plastic pollution in the ocean? How many plastic bottles are in the ocean right now? We have prepared a visual response to all these questions and more! Some may not know it yet, but one single piece of plastic in an ocean, a lake, or a freshwater source can snowball into an environmental and health disaster for plant, animal, and human life as well.

6 Plastic Pollution Facts – 6 Easy Solutions

6 Plastic Pollution Facts – 6 Easy Solutions

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest global challenges we face today. Plastic takes thousands of years to break down, still, 50% of all plastic worldwide is produced for single-use purposes. Let’s discuss today some plastic pollution facts and some solutions we think are easy to implement!

By making even the smallest of changes, we can improve the state of the environment.

children die every hour because of unsafe water


of the world's water is inaccessible

gallons of water per day are used to sustain a human

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