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The science of water and its applications save lives. From finding a modern method of water conservation every day to mobilize people all over the world, research and care are the tools to use to make the world a better place. Find here the water facts you need to become a beacon of hope for our planet!

Heavy Metals in Water: Controversy, Conspiracies, and Facts

Heavy Metals in Water: Controversy, Conspiracies, and Facts

We have heard that we drink heavy metals in water every day, alongside other contaminants, sediments, and pollutants, but how dangerous are these metals in fact? Do we need to panic? Is heavy metal poisoning by drinking tap water even real? Let’s discuss today some controversies, some conspiracies, and some facts!

By making even the smallest of changes, we can improve the state of the environment.

children die every hour because of unsafe water


of the world's water is inaccessible

gallons of water per day are used to sustain a human

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