When you want pure water for you and your family, water distillation comes to mind. And while everybody agrees that a water distiller is an excellent addition to your health and your efforts to combat the use of plastic bottled water, you have to learn a few things about these devices. For this reason, we want to present to you today with a list of such appliances for home so you can pick the best water distiller for your needs. 

We discussed recently the difference between water distillation and water purification and we have to admit, having a water distiller is a great idea, especially if you have concerns about the usual suspects contaminating your water – like chlorine for example. So let’s help you today find the best water distiller to meet your pure water requirements! At the end of this article, you will also find a short buying guide and some information on the benefits of distilled water. 

For this article, we discussed with users, manufacturers, and experts in the field and put together a list of five best water distillers of this year. 

The Best Water Distiller of the Year

Product Name Size Weight Capacity Removes Best For

Pure Water Mini Water Distiller
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13.5 x 9.9 x 15.7 inches 31.4 pounds 8 gallons/3.5 hours Chlorine, impurities, contaminants EDITORS’ CHOICE: Green & Healthy Living

Waterwise 3200 Water Distiller
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17.5 x 12.5 x 10.9 inches 11.45 pounds 1 gallon/4 hour Chloride, chlorine, bacteria, other contaminants Hi-Tech Water Distillers

CO-Z Stainless Steel Water Distiller
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19.1 x 14 x 11.1 inches 13.65 pounds 6 gallons/day Bacteria, dissolved solids, VOCs, other contaminants FDA-Approved Water Distillers

VEVOR Countertop Water Distiller
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19 x 13.5 x 10.8 inches 11 pounds 6 gallons/day Most tap water contaminants Durability

VEVOR BPA-Free Water Distiller
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18.3 x 13.2 x 10.5 inches 9.8 pounds About 6 gallons/day Most tap water contaminants Price/value ratio

Now let’s see the best water distiller for home!

Pure Water Mini Distiller

best water distiller pure water mini



  • 304-grade stainless steel construction
  • Produces 8 gallons of clean water every 3.5 hours
  • Comes with hand-sewn activated carbon filter
  • 800 Watt heating element
  • No water line hookup required
  • Patented dual purity vents

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Why Should You Buy the Pure Water Mini Water Distiller?

One of the most popular water distillers in the United States, the Pure Water Mini is an excellent choice if you want an eco-friendly device capable to distill your water and provide you with clean safe water. With an impeccable reputation and enthusiast reviews among families, renters, or single users, the Pure Water Mini also features a 15-years long warranty on the stainless steel and 2 years warranty for the electric components. Here are some other things you should know:

  • The Mini Classic CT produces consistently high-purity, vapor-distilled water;
  • The patented dual purity vents allow Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) to escape;
  • It also features an aluminum cooling fan, automatic shutoff, and a BPA-free glass collection container.
Pros Cons
Best water distiller for eco-friendly living Expensive
15-years warranty
Excellent tech specs and features
Smooth no-fuss installation


Probably, the best water distiller for small families, individual users, or renters, the Pure Water Mini countertop water distiller comes with a big price but also with 15-years warranty. In other words, you will not need another water distiller any time soon, especially because its capacity is very impressive.

Waterwise 3200 Distiller

best water distiller Waterwise 3200



  • 1 gallon of 100% steam distilled water in 4 hours
  • Automatic shut-off after each 1-gallon cycle
  • The Waterwise 3200 mixes steam distillation with carbon post-filtration
  • ETL listed in the USA
  • 800 watts of power, 120 volt 60 Hz, fits the standard outlets
  • Removes arsenic, bacteria, chloride, chlorine, chloroform, lead, mercury, viruses, etc.

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Why Should You Buy the Waterwise 3200 Water Distiller?

The clean and composed white exterior of the Waterwise 3200 water distiller, together with its 304-grade stainless steel boiling chamber makes the product an excellent choice for medium and large families. Whenever you want clean, safe water to drink or turn into refreshing ice cubes, all you need is a push of a button. Here are some other things to know about this product!

  • It comes with an innovative dripless stop-and-serve feature;
  • It is highly portable, so you can take it anywhere with you!
  • Warranty upon manufacturer request. 
Pros Cons
An excellent choice for families We would have liked more upfront information on the warranty
Innovation technology
Excellent tech specs and features
Good price


If you want a reliable water distiller with great capacity and innovative technology, then the Waterwise 3200 is the best choice for your needs. Easy to install and carrying prestigious certifications (as well as an impeccable reputation), this water distiller will provide you with all the clear and clean water you desire.

CO-Z Stainless Steel Distiller


best water distiller CO-Z stainless steel



  • FDA-approved for all parts
  • 50Hz 750W heating element
  • Removes bacteria, dissolved solids, VOCs and almost any other contaminants
  • Produces around 6 gallons of pure water a day
  • Designed with thermostatically control systems
  • 1-year warranty & free exchange of defective products

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Why Should You Buy the CO-Z Stainless Steel Water Distiller?

In comparison to its peers, the CO-Z stainless steel water distiller is among the few of its kind that comes with an FDA approval of all components, making it one of the safest and best water distillers on the market right now. Moreover, this product also comes with some interesting tech specs and features that you should consider in your purchase decision.

  • It features 304 stainless steel exterior and a top-quality 1-gallon glass carafe with ergonomic “Easy-Lift” handle;
  • The device automatically switches off once the temperature reaches 320°F;
  • Excellent for domestic use.
Pros Cons
FDA-approved We would have liked more upfront information on the warranty
1-year warranty
Excellent tech specs and features
Excellent price


One of the best water distillers for residential use with FDA approval and excellent tech specs, the CO-Z makes an excellent investment for your home. You can use purified water for drinking, cooking, washing, disinfecting, and more. The device’s capacity and durability – paired with its outstanding price – make compelling reasons for you to buy this product!

VEVOR Stainless Steel Countertop Distiller


best water distiller VEVOR stainless steel water distiller

Best For Durability


  • Food-grade 304 stainless steel distiller, food-grade shockproof glass container
  • Power: 750W, Voltage: 110V, 60HZ
  • Up to 6 gallons of water per day
  • Automatic shut-off when the temperature reaches 320 ℉
  • Low noise for overnight use
  • Portable

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Why Should You Buy the Vevor Stainless Steel Water Distiller?

This Vevor model is probably the best water distiller on the market when it comes to durability and reliability. Besides its excellent tech specs, this product is a dream came true for all families who want to consume distilled, safe water at home. However, the device comes with multiple applications and features you should factor in your purchase decision:

  •  Safe, durable, easy to clean, and designed for long-lasting use;
  • Ideal for distilling water and alcohol;
  • Aluminum wind leaf for an improved cooling effect;
  • A unique and portable handle on the top for easy use and carry
  • Metal blades resilient to deformation. 
Pros Cons
Extremely durable Some say it needs a better distillation cap
Ideal for water and alcohol distillation
Low noise for overnight use
Great tech specs for the price


Besides the excellent price and the tech specs, this Vevor model in stainless steel is a model of good practices when it comes to durability and reliability. It is the best water distiller that can run noiseless overnight. It is also a versatile machine, able to distill both water and alcohol. Given its price, this is a product you should consider it!

VEVOR Distiller and Purifier


best water distiller VEVOR water distiller and purifier



  • 100% grade 304 stainless steel steam chamber; Food-grade and BPA-free plastic
  • 50Hz 750W heating elements
  • About 6 gallons of pure water per day
  • Thermostatically controlled to automatically switch off when the temperature exceeds 300ºF
  • CE certification
  • Can distill both water and alcohol

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Why Should You Buy the VEVOR Water Distiller and Purifier?

Last but not least on our list of best water distiller reviews, we have another VEVOR device. The water distiller and purifier is the best money can buy if you want top-quality, little to no maintenance, and a wide range of applications. Here are some other tech specs and features you might want to include in your purchase decision:

  • Push a single button to start, and you are good to go;
  • You don’t need to purchase and replace dirty filter cartridges because stainless steel and plastics are almost maintenance-free;
  • Both distiller and carafe have large openings for easy access and cleaning;
  • You can use this water distiller in combination with dental products, evaporators, humidifiers, CPAP machines, engine cooling systems, wine distilleries, beauty shops, etc. 
  • It removes plenty of tap water contaminants, ensuring you safe, clean, and refreshing water all day long.  
Pros Cons
Best water distiller for price/value ratio Cleaning might be a hassle
Low noise
Good capacity
Enthusiast reviews


When it comes to getting the best water distiller for a low price but with a good reputation and tech specs, you cannot go wrong with this Vevor distiller and purifier. It may be a bit difficult to clean, but people usually enjoy its distillation results and ignore the minor hassles. It works great for medium homes and can take some heavy use with no problems. If you want the best water distiller for home on a more than affordable budget than this one is for you!

How to Buy A Water Distiller: Short Guide

Before we begin, let’s remind all the benefits of distilled water for residential or commercial use. A water distiller for home ensures your water lacks the following tap water contaminants:

  • Chlorine. We discussed already the best methods to remove chlorine from water and distillation is one of them;
  • Nitrates and nitrites. They reach groundwater and tap water and may cause health issues in people with weak immune systems.
  • Microorganisms. Not all microorganisms represent a threat to human or pet health, but some do and it is better to remove them all by distillation.
  • Some heavy metals. As you have seen from the reviews above, many water distillers on our list are able to remove barium, lead, or arsenic – heavy metals in the water that represent a threat to our health.
  • Bacteria, viruses, etc.

How do Water Distillers Work?

The distillation process is easy to explain. Imagine a water boiler. The water distilling machine works pretty much the same, using electricity to bring the water to the boiling point. Once it reaches that stage, the water begins to evaporate, releasing steam. During the distillation process, the distiller captures the steam, which then condenses and cools down. The result is water in liquid form that is free from almost all contaminants.

A water distiller, thus, removes and discards the water pollutants and toxins together with the minerals in water and other elements. Removing healthy minerals from water also occurs in reverse osmosis water filters.

However, modern RO under-sink water filters also feature a re-mineralization stage that puts minerals back into the water. Distillers do not do that. Hence, the water coming from a distiller tastes flat and has few nutritional properties.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Water Distillation

As we said above, water distillers are capable of removing most common water contaminants, including lead and iron. However, there are some exceptions.

Water distillers cannot remove contaminants that boil before the water does. In other words, if some contaminants reach the boiling point before the water does, you risk drinking them as the distiller leaves them behind. It is the case with volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These substances boil at a temperature lower than 212 F (100℃). In conclusion, VOCs vaporize and condense faster than water does, so they remain in the distilled water compartment.

Another disadvantage of distillation is that the process is slow, yielding low quantities of water at a time. The best water distillers on the market for residential use can produce a few gallons of water each day. However, they may not be sufficient to quench the thirst of a large family. 

So let’s resume the main advantages and disadvantages of water distillation:

Pros Cons
Water distillers remove a wide range of bacteria, heavy metals, and common water contaminants Some contaminants like VOCs (and all contaminants with boiling points lower than 212℉ (100℃)) remain in the water even after distillation
Water distillers – as opposed to water filters – do not require replacements of filters and cartridges Distillation removes essential minerals from the water and does not put them back as some RO filters do
Extremely quiet compared to other systems Water distillers are portable and most of them are affordable
Extremely easy to install and use Require maintenance and careful operation

The Environmental Impact of Water Distillers

The environmental impact of distillation is another issue that requires our attention. While it is true that a water distiller works on electricity, it actually consumes a few cents’ worths of electricity. If you compare this with the number of plastic water bottles you can remove from your life altogether, you can easily realize water distillers are a mindful investment in the future. 

Water Distillers versus Water Filters

Naturally, one cannot help but wonder about which one is better. Our answer is that it all depends on your needs. Water filters come in many varieties, as you know already, from the massive whole house water filters to the small, discrete countertop water filter pitchers.

If you remember how water filtration works, you remember that the only reasonable comparison you can make is between household water distillers – the ones we presented you with above – and filter water pitchers. The latter ones are quite capable of removing bad taste and odor from your tap water and get you rid of an assorted lot of impurities and contaminants.

On the other hand, water distillers are the safest option if you rely on highly contaminated well water or if you mindfully choose to drink and use distilled water for health reasons.

What to Look For When You Buy a Water Distiller?

Let’s discuss now some criteria you need to factor in when you consider buying a home water distiller. As a note, keep in mind that – with a few exceptions – you can also use many of the distillers presented above in commercial settings such as dental offices, small cafes, beauty salons, small vet offices, and so on.

Water Distiller Types

The size and complexity of the device establish its type. We discussed above household water distiller, but there are large commercial distillers for sizeable businesses, as well as industrial/plumbing distillers.

Water Distiller Material

As you can easily figure out, the best water distiller for the home should come in stainless steel for the main unit and glass for the carafe. These materials are safer, eco-friendlier, and easier to clean. Make sure you look for food-grade stainless steel and other materials.

Nevertheless, you will also find plastic water distillers – a less preferred version in the eco-friendly circles, but an affordable and quite safe one. Make sure you get BPA-free plastic for your device.

Capacity / Flow rate

Water distillation is a relatively slow process – slower than of some water filter pitchers even. If you want a distiller for the home and regular use, pick one that is able to produce 4-6 gallons of water per day. Specialists recommend people drink no more than a gallon of distilled water per day, so such a device should meet a family of four’s needs just fine.

Pre or Post Filtration

Some water distillers for the home also come together with an activated carbon filter to further purify the distilled water for better taste and odor. Some use the filters before they distill the water. All in all, if purified water is your main goal, pick a product that also comes with a supplemental filtration stage. Make sure you change the carbon filter at least once in three months. 

Installation and Maintenance

Modern water distillers need little to no installation experience from your part. However, while anyone can put together the distiller once it is out of the box, its maintenance may prove a hassle. The steam chamber requires your attention, as some impurities might remain behind and build up to damaging effects. The lid and the boiling chamber also need careful cleaning.

Go with eco-friendly solutions, as using commercial detergents is not an option because of the traces they leave. Make sure you get water distillers you can clean and maintain with no fuss.


Some water distillers come with exceptional warranties, while others with reasonable ones. Make sure you get the best policy for the machine and the electrical components.

Water Distillation: FAQs

Before we wrap up this guide on the best water distillers and water distillation, let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding this topic.

1. What is the best water distiller to buy in 2020?

The Pure Water Mini Water Distiller, although expensive, is one of the best water distillers on the market today. It covers all needs in water contaminants’ removal and is an excellent choice for people embracing green and eco lifestyles. We also recommend the Waterwise 3200 Water Distiller and VEVOR Countertop Water Distiller for their tech specs and performances. 

2. Is buying a water distiller worth it?

While water distillers are more expensive than other types of portable filtration technologies and devices, you can get great rates of return. They do not only help you preserve your health, but they also save you money in the long run by removing the need for you to buy plastic bottled water.

3. Is it dangerous to drink distilled water?

No, as long as you introduce distilled water progressively in your balanced diet. Make sure you get your healthy minerals and nutrients from foods and other sources. Do not mix long periods of fasting with drinking only distilled water as you may lose minerals like calcium and magnesium, which are crucial for the health of your bone and muscle system, nervous system, and more.

Bottom Line

The best water distiller is a machine able to provide you with pure, clean water for all your needs. Most times, people use countertop water distillers in combination with whole house water filters and so on. If you are already enjoying the benefits of a water distiller, tell us about your experiences with it! Are you on a distilled water diet? How do you feel about this life choice?

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