Andreea Sterea


We live on a rather small rock in an immense universe and, so far, it is the only home we have. So just as we clean our houses and make sure we keep them neat, beautiful, and fully functional, we should keep our planet just as healthy and pristine. I believe we all need to engage in sustained efforts and projects to safeguard this beautiful living room we know as Earth.

Since the change begins with every one of us so we all can be the change to see in the world, I decided to turn my life around some years ago and go as green as I could.

My well-researched articles spreading awareness on hot topics such as better water management, recycling, upcycling, and limiting the use of plastic soon caught the eye of media outlets and eco-oriented publications. Now I am a dedicated contributor to Water is a Right and a real-life advocate for environmental actions. From mountain trips to tree planting to garbage collections to research and “green” life tips shared among my peers, I tipped my fingers in a handful of eco prevention and intervention causes.

A firm believer in the use of tote bags for shopping and a huge fan of home-grown organic herbs and spices, my resolution is to completely give up on fast fashion products and plastic-bottled water.

My Recent Articles

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