We have talked about means of drinking clean and safe water and protect the environment at the same time on previous occasions. Nevertheless, when you want ice cold or pipin’ hot water at the press of a button, few things compare to a water cooler dispenser to have around the home or the office. Today we are going to check out five items we picked for our best water cooler top so you can enjoy fresh and safe beverages all summer long.

Before we begin, you have to understand the difference between other types of water filters and water coolers: while the former sanitize and purify your water, the latter also dispense water at the desired temperature. Many of them also come with incorporated filters, so you have a solid environmental solution at hand to give up all the plastic water bottles in your life.

How Did We Choose the Best Water Cooler for this List?

In our search for the best water cooler on the market, we browsed the forums, talked with the manufacturers and users, and checked out the products to make sure you make an informed decision. The best water dispenser should meet your needs and expectations regarding water temperature, load, size, and optimal uses. You should remember that the best water coolers should offer the same degree of quality and efficiency both at home and at the office.

It is time to see our top choices in each best water cooler category!

Product Name Size Load Temperature Type Built-in Filtration Best For

Atlantis Water Cooler Dispenser
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42 x 20 x 13 inches Bottom Cold, Hot & Room Temp Bottleless Yes EDITORS’ CHOICE: Green Living

Brio CL520 Water Cooler Dispenser
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12.6 x 12.6 x 38.6 inches Top Cold & Hot Temp With Bottle No Price / Value Ratio

Comfee Countertop Mini Water Cooler Dispenser
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14.5 x 9.7 x 14.5 inches Back Cold & Room Temp Bottleless Yes Mini Countertop Water Coolers

Avalon A12 Water Cooler Dispenser
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13 x 12 x 19 inches Side Cold, Room & Hot Temp Bottleless Yes Self-Cleaning

Clover B14 Water Cooler Dispenser
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8.1 x 7.1 x 2.9 inches Top Cold & Hot With Bottle No Hassle-Free Water Cooler

Now let’s see together which is the best water cooler for your needs at home or at the office!

best water cooler Atlantis




  • Dispenses: Cold, hot, room temp water
  • Load: Bottom
  • Type: Bottleless
  • Filtration: 3-stage 1800-gal capacity filters
  • 42 x 20 x 13 inches
  • 37 pounds

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Daily Use Services 1 to 35 regular users daily.
Eco Impact Great. It does not only dispense cold, hot, and room temp water, it also uses 3-stage filtration to remove sediments and impurities.

Why Should You Buy the Atlantis Water Cooler Dispenser?

We placed this product in the category of best water cooler for green living for a simple reason: it compels with its 3-stage filtration built-in feature that makes it the best money can buy if you want filtered water on demand at the temperature you demand it.  Its large capacity, solid building, and other tech specs make the Atlantis water cooler one of the best water coolers for home, offices, and businesses alike. But let’s see together its tech specs so you understand better what you buy:

  • 3 filters for sediment, impurities, and contaminants featuring the EZ change technology;
  • It has the capacity to chill 20 x 6 oz. cups of cold water/hour and 45 X 6-ounce cups of hot water/hour;
  • All features are mechanical;
  • Can also produce room temp water;
  • It comes with a fully-assembled 3 Stage 1800 gal capacity EZ Change water filtration system and universal installation kit;
  • Warranty upon manufacturer request.
Pros Cons
Excellent choice for eco-friendly water coolers A bit pricey
Great emergency water supply
3-stage pro water filtration system
Fits easily in any room
Can service up to 30-40 people a day


Whether you are at home or the office and you want ice water to cool off in summer or perfect hot water for a tea or a warm drink, the Atlantis bottleless water cooler dispenser is a dream came true. Besides filtering the water it dispenses, the machine looks great in any home or office room and is able to quench the thirst of large families or busy workers. A long-term investment indeed, you can rely on the Atlantis to offer you cold, hot, or room-temp clean, safe, and fresh water every day, even when the power is out and you need an emergency water supply. The filters coming with this water cooler wear the Brio brand, which says a lot about quality and reliability.

best water cooler Brio CL520




  • Dispenses: Cold, room, and hot water
  • Load: Top
  • Type: With Bottle
  • Filtration: No
  • 12.6 x 12.6 x 38.6 inches
  • 29.4 pounds

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Daily Use Accepts 3 to 5 gallon water bottles
Eco Impact Good. Food-grade stainless-steel hot tank and cooling tank. Energy star approved. UL listed.

Why Should You Buy the Brio CL520 Water Cooler Dispenser?

Our next entry for this top is the Brio CL520. When it comes to the best water cooler for price and stress-free water dispensing, few other products can beat it, really. While it does use plastic water bottles – a detail, which might bother environmentalists – it comes with an energy efficiency label and plenty of compelling features. Let’s see them:

  • The tot water spout comes with a child safety lock to prevent accidents and injuries;
  • The cooler cabinet features durable, commercial-grade ABS plastic, making the water cooler dispenser resilient to corrosive chemicals and physical impact;
  • All features are mechanical;
  • 100% stainless steel cold and hot reservoirs;
  • Warranty upon manufacturer request.
Pros Cons
Excellent price May leak sometimes
Child-safety for hot water
Lightweight but sturdy
Slick innovative design
Good for home and small offices


When you want to invest little money in the best water cooler in town but you do want to enjoy all possible benefits, you should consider the Brio CL520 water cooler dispenser. After all, it is the best water dispenser with bottle money can buy. It does feature a plastic top bottle to change, but the other features compensate and turn this product into the best water dispenser for home or a small office, encouraging people and kids to drink more water.

best water cooler Comfee Mini




  • Dispenses: Cold and room water
  • Load: Back
  • Type: Bottleless
  • Filtration: 2-Stage
  • 14.5 x 9.7 x 14.5 inches
  • 1.08 pounds

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Daily Use You can hook it up to your water pipe or refrigerator line
Eco Impact Great. Filters and chills the water of a home or a small office, rendering useless the use of plastic water bottles.

Why Should You Buy the Comfee Mini Water Cooler Dispenser?

Wouldn’t you love to just push a button and have cold or room filtered water with no worries at all? Well, the Comfee Countertop Mini water cooler dispenser is the best water cooler in this department. It comes with a slick design, excellent tech specs, and innovation technology as well. Let’s see what this small wonder can do for your home or office kitchen!

  • 2-types of water purification: PP and carbon filter;
  • Comes with 2-temperature settings, cool & room;
  • UL certified;
  • 3-dispensing volumes;
  • Feather touch controls;
  • You can hook it to your water line or refrigerator line;
  • Comes with smart filter change notification;
  • Warranty upon manufacturer request.
Pros Cons
Excellent size for countertops Unreliable customer service
Silent electronic refrigeration system
3 volume settings
Easy installation & filter change
Smart filter change notification system


A mini countertop water cooler dispenser with filtration? Yes, please! When you look for the best water cooler for your home or office kitchen, consider the Comfee water cooler dispenser as well, as it packs a big punch of hi-tech specs despite its small size! With its easy-to-replace water filter, volume and temperature settings, and good price, the Comfee is the best water cooler dispenser to have at home. It works well with small cafes or hole-in-the-wall restaurants too!

best water cooler Avalon




  • Dispenses: Cold, room, and hot water
  • Load: Side
  • Type: Bottleless
  • Filtration: 2-Stage
  • 13 x 12 x 19 inches
  • 30 pounds

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Daily Use You can hook it up to your water line
Eco Impact Great. Filters have NFS/ANSI certification. UL/Energy Star approved.

Why Should You Buy the Avalon Water Cooler Dispenser?

Self-cleaning water coolers are a rare breed. It is a reason more to consider the Avalon water cooler dispenser in case you want a no-fuss, excellent system to cleanse and dispense your water every day. Slick and lightweight in design, the Avalon is the best water cooler in the self-cleaning category. Nevertheless, it comes with plenty of compelling features for you to take a closer look at it in case you want to invest in a smart, ergonomic, and affordable device. We invite you to discover the other tech specs and features of this highly praised machine!

  • 2-types of water purification filters: sediment and carbon block;
  • Comes with 3 temperatures settings: cool, room, and hot;
  • NSF/ANSI certification;
  • Features a child-safety lock on the water spout;
  • The self-cleaning ozone feature sanitizes and purifies the dispenser;
  • You can hook it to your water line;
  • The building material is stainless steel;
  • Built-in nightlight;
  • Features a replace filter indicator;
  • You should change the filter every six months;
  • 1-year limited warranty.
Pros Cons
Great self-cleaning water cooler dispenser You have to buy the filters separately
3 water temperatures available
Comes with an installation kit
Great choice for home and office
Good price


As you can see, we continue our water cooler reviews by highlighting an innovative water cooler dispenser that cleans itself. More than that, however, the Avalon features all the tech specs and features that make all the best water coolers for countertops and small kitchens. The Avalon is the best water dispenser for home and small offices and even family-owned businesses. Keep in mind that the best water cooler in the countertop department should give you the entire peace of mind you want. This being said, apart from the fact that you might buy the filters separately from the cooler, the Avalon may be exactly the device you were looking for the home, the kids, or your business.

best water cooler Clover




  • Dispenses: Cold, room, and hot water
  • Load: Top
  • Type: With Bottle
  • Filtration: No
  • 8.1 x 7.1 x 2.9 inches
  • 32 pounds

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Daily Use Works with 5 gallons bottle
Eco Impact Good. Energy Star rating by the EPA and U.S. Department of Energy. Hygienic stainless steel construction.

Why Should You Buy the Clover B14A Water Cooler Dispenser?

Whether you want the best water cooler with bottle for your home or office, the Clover B14A model will not disappoint. With its top bottle, stainless steel construction, and an adjustable thermostat for better temperature control, this water cooler dispenser is a must-have in case no-stress and no-fuss water coolers are your thing. But we have to see the other tech specs and features of this product so you can make an educated choice. If you look at the users’ reviews and browse the forums, you will see why the Clover made it to our best water coolers reviews list!

  • Both cold and hot water tanks come in hygienic stainless steel;
  • Automatically controlled hot water;
  • Cold water feature comes with thermostat for you to adjust between 35.6°F-53.6°F;
  • Features a child-safety lock on the water spout;
  • Features child safety lock;
  • Comes with a convenient on/off switch to control heater power;
  • The building material is stainless steel;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Warranty upon manufacturer request.
Pros Cons
All-purpose affordable bottle water cooler Some found that the cold water is not that cold as they would have liked
Low maintenance
Fits any home or office space
Sturdy stainless steel construction
Happy users


The last entry on our list of water cooler reviews is the Clover B14A, a model you should purchase sooner rather than later, as customers are crazy about it. The little, slim, slick, and hassle-free water cooler comes with a solid build and a solid promise to be energetically efficient, despite the presence of the plastic water bottle. All in all, it can easily find its place in your home, office, and even small business. We particularly like the stress-free feature regarding both its installation, use, and maintenance. The child safety is, of course, an added benefit for families, while the price is compelling enough to convince you to give the product a fair chance.

What Other Things Should You Know about the Best Water Cooler before You Buy One?

Water cooler dispensers come in many shapes and sizes and, just like under sink water filters or faucet water filters, they should answer one or more of your specific needs when it comes to water temperature, water purity, efficiency, usability, and eco-friendliness. Now let’s talk about some important aspects of water coolers you should consider before you make a purchase.

Type of Load

As you saw from our list of water cooler reviews, such products feature top load (involving a large plastic jug of water) or bottom/back/side load for comfort.

  • Bottom load water coolers are more practical if you do not want to lift the heavy jug of water and turn it upside down to install it.
  • Top load units, while less comfortable to handle and less aesthetically pleasing, have the advantage that allow you to see when you need to change the water bottle.

There are, however, units that hook up directly to your main water line or refrigerator line, providing you thus with copious amounts of cold or hot water. They make some of the best water coolers to have, as they spare you of maintenance issues and concerns.

  • For many, countertop units represent the best choice to make when you do not have enough room to host a large water cooler. But, if you have some space on the countertop, the mini water coolers provide you with clean and cold/hot water whenever you desire.


An important feature, the capacity of a water cooler is one criterion you should always keep in mind when you decide upon a purchase. The cooler dispensers hooked up to your water line provide you with more water than a 3 gallons/5 gallons jug, but everything depends on the daily water consumption of your family, office mates, or business clients.

Water Coolers with Filters or without Filters, that is the Question

Innovation technology reached the water coolers’ department as well in the past years. As you saw above, we listed many water coolers that also filter water. When it comes to filtration, you simply have to decide whether you need 2 or more stages, depending on the level of sediment, contaminants, or impurities your water has.

The Eco-Friendliness of Water Coolers

We said it above: water cooler dispensers with plastic bottle are less environmental friendly in comparison with bottleless water coolers. Nevertheless, even bottle dispensers come with energy stars, NSF/ANSI certifications, stainless steel building, and more. In other words, many water coolers have good eco-friendly ratings and you should pick the one that matches your standards and values.

How Do You Pick Your Next Water Cooler for this Summer?

Do you have your own set of criteria to match against the water coolers on the market? In case you already own one of the units we mentioned above on our water cooler reviews, tell us how you feel about it and how it works. If not, which of the models above sparked your interest? Let us know in the comment section below!

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