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For another refreshing homemade alcoholic drink, try my Mojito Sangria. Although the gimlet became popular in the ’50s, it was first introduced to British soldiers in the early 19th century as a means to fight scurvy. A traditional gimlet is a cocktail usually made with gin and Rose’s Lime Cordial, a sweetened lime juice. This drink is a classic for a reason. Here are two ways to serve a Vodka Gimlet crafted with Bogue Sound Distillery’s Vitzellen Vodka… Garnish with a lime wheel. Historically, a gimlet was referred to as a drink that required 2 parts gin and one part lime juice. But there are some variations on the mixture. Its subtle, delicious flavors make it an excellent choice for sipping or mixing. Can’t get much easier than that. All you need is a little vodka and a bit of Rose’s lime juice. It's long been my contention that a gimlet is made with Rose's, and only Rose's, but I've been to some high end restaurants (and read about others) that feature gimlets made with fresh lime juice and simple syrup, with the implied reason that fresh lime is "better" than Rose's. Share options. This classic cocktail is a twist on the original gin based recipe, but you might find yourself wanting to make this by the pitcher. While vodka, lime juice and simple syrup doesn’t earn its own unique moniker, it does make for one heck of a tasty cocktail: the Vodka Gimlet. lists nine different recipes for a vodka gimlet. A Vodka Gimlet is one of the most simple cocktails you can make. There are definitely different schools of thought on this. Novak, Alex. Make a Vodka Gimlet. Gary also calls for Plymouth gin. Rose's Lime Juice Ingredients. I'll leave aside the point that a true gimlet is made with gin and just concentrate on the lime juice.. Shake until well chilled, about 30 seconds. You can sub w/ Rose’s when the fresh lime is not available. A film in the ’50s stated that the drink is half gin and half Rose’s Lime juice and nothing else. Garnish with lime twist; serve. It should give you roughly 1 ounce, which is just slightly more than you need for a single gimlet. Similar to a Vodka soda, but without the fizziness. 2oz vodka, 3/4oz real lime juice, 1/2oz simple syrup. Back to Vodka Gimlet. Around here, a classic Vodka Gimlet straight up is a fan favorite! See tip given below to make amazing cucumber vodka gimlet cocktail. Cook like a Pro green olive, vodka, dry vermouth, ice. Vodka and sweetened lime juice. Reviews. This elegant vodka recipe is a nice way to calm down after a stressful day. Add Rating & Review. History mentions that gimlet cocktails originated with British sailors in the 19th century. The ship doctor encouraged his shipmates to add lime juice to their gin because it was thought to prevent scurvy. Now you have a Vodka Gimlet, how easy was that! This is the way to go for a legit cocktail. Granny Smith apple, lime juice, kosher salt, triple sec, lime zest and 3 more. So, once again I urge my readers to self-educate themselves by picking up a bottle of Rose's Lime Juice which can be found in pretty much any supermarket and making a gimlet. So I decided to put my own holiday twist on the vodka gimlet and make a Pomegranate Vodka Gimlet. Vodka can be easily substituted and in fact, a vodka gimlet has become Lisa’s go-to cocktail. It is crafted with corn, distilled 21 times and 100% gluten free. If you don't like it so sweet, lower the proportion of Rose's to your base of choice. I am happy to report the French Gimlet calls for fresh squeezed lime juice and relies on the St-Germain as the sweetening agent. The final spec for Cecchini’s Gimlet includes a shaken mix of 2 ounces of gin, 1 ounce of cordial, and 3/4 ounce fresh lime juice, which cuts through the tart, sweet cordial. A vodka gimlet is commonly made with two ounces of vodka mixed with two ounces of lime juice and some ice, according to This is the recipe from The Bartender’s Bible by Gary Regan. Strain into a martini glass. Vitzellen Vodka is an award-winning vodka nationwide. An easy-to-make cocktail with freshly squeezed lime juice, simple syrup, and Tito's Handmade Vodka. We love our gimlets and we love them strong. A concentrated lime syrup called Rose’s can replace the fresh lime juice or Simple Syrup. Fill a cocktail shaker half full with ice. Garnish with lime wedge. All Reviews for Vodka Gimlet - of Reviews. Gin or Vodka 2/3 oz. The description in the 1953 Raymond Chandler novel The Long Goodbye stated that "a real gimlet is half gin and half Rose's lime juice and nothing else." Glass: A small martini glass or vintage champagne coupe might be just the thing for this cocktail. Serves: 1 serving. This Vodka Gimlet is a simple and tasty cocktail that is made even more delicious by using this homemade simple syrup recipe. Vodka Gimlet Gimlets are drinks that were originally made with gin, lime juice, and a splash of soda. cucumber vodka (homemade is so easy – just follow this DIY Flavored Vodka tutorial and swap the oranges for cucumber); 1 TBSP Rose’s Lime Juice; Lime Wedge; 2 slices cucumber; Although a traditional gimlet has 2 parts alcohol to 1 part lime, I switched it up a little because of using Rose’s lime juice. One of the most well known recipes calls for 1 1/2 ounces Rose’s lime juice with 2 ounces Gin. Preparation Time: 2 minutes. (By the way, this is Eddie, Lisa’s husband, guest-blogging). Here is the recipe for a proper gimlet: 2 oz. WHAT IS IN A VODKA GIMLET? Vodka Gimlet from The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Bartending. A traditional gimlet, if you’ll recall from the 70s, called for either vodka or gin plus Rose’s lime, a cordial that is super-sweet and also a frightening green hue from the Blue 1, a food colorant. Ingredients: 2 oz. Top with ice, roughly one large handful or eight good-sized cubes. My how to guide will show you how to order and make your own in a martini glass or on the rocks. This is not the recipe for a vodka gimlet. Somewhere along the way vodka fans, like myself, came in and wanted a piece of the action, and thus a similar drink came about. Instructions. It really just has 2 ingredients. The gimlet is a classic cocktail made of 2 parts gin and 1 part lime juice. 1 lime wedge. 2 oz. Garnish w/ lime slice. Traditional Gimlet: To a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add 2 1/2 ounces gin and 1 ounce Rose's lime juice. ¼ oz Roses lime juice. Resources. Sour Green Apple Vodka Martini So, I've been thinking. Vodka Martini CDKitchen. The gimlet (pronounced with a hard 'g') is a cocktail made of gin and lime juice.A 1928 description of the drink was: gin, and a spot of lime. vodka. #vodka #gimlet Give it a good shake, and strain into an old fashioned glass full of ice. Advertisement. A gimlet is traditionally a gin drink made with lime juice and simple syrup, usually served with a wheel of lime on the rim. A gimlet is one part sweetened lime juice together with four parts gin. fresh lime juice, apple juice, salami, vodka, marmalade, triple sec. Glassware: Cocktail glass. Read More Add vodka, lime juice, and sugar. But what’s a vodka lover to do? This classic contains only three ingredients – vodka, lime juice, and simple syrup – and it packs a punch. Sometimes it’s served with a splash of soda water. A pretty coupe glass doesn’t hurt. Step Three: Booze. One of the shining gems among the classic cocktail set, the This Vodka Gimlet recipe with Rose’s lime juice is ridiculously easy to make. Really cold. Now, juice a whole lime. My vodka gimlet recipe requires three simple ingredients: vodka, lime juice, and simple syrup. So what is a vodka gimlet. Print Recipe. Garnish with a lime slice. A vodka gimlet is a spin on the classic gimlet, which typically uses gin. Vodka certainly can be used as a substitution for the Gin. Shake vigorously for 20 seconds, then strain into a chilled glass. Reviews: Most Helpful Most Helpful Most Positive Least Positive Newest. Mix and pour over ice! Take .75 ounces of simple syrup and .75 ounces of lime juice, pour them in your cocktail shaker, and add 2 ounces of your gin or vodka. Pour in vodka and Rose’s lime juice. We have sampled many a gimlet, and the key to a great gimlet is quality vodka and the perfect combination of lime juice and simple syrup.

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