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[33] According to a report by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, four teachers were rated "Non‐Highly Qualified" under No Child Left Behind. View detailed property information with 3D Tours and real-time updates. In addition, the Commonwealth provided $100 million for the Accountability Block grant program. In 2010, the state of Pennsylvania provided $1,026,815,000 for special education services. [75] Northeast Middle School was again eligible for federal School Improvement Grant funding in 2011. Under No Child Left Behind, the school's administration was mandated to inform parents of the low student achievement and to offer a transfer to a better performing school in the District. The Accountability Block Grant program requires that its taxpayer dollars are focused on specific interventions that are most likely to increase student academic achievement. [74] Northeast Middle School received $109,200 for 2009-10 and $86,180 for 2010-11. Nearly a quarter of those schools reported math improvement in the double digits, and close to 20 percent of schools saw double-digit gains in reading. [104], Amanda Stout Elementary School is located at 321 South 10th Street. State – 58.3%, 2010 - 18% (60% below basic). State – 57%, 2012 - 50% (27% below basic). [35] Under the federal No Child Left Behind Act, the school administration was required to notify parents of the school's poor achievement outcomes and to offer the opportunity to transfer to a successful school within the district. Reading School District received more than $119 million in state funding for the 2007-08 school year. [160] Due to the temporary nature of the funding, schools were repeatedly advised to use the funds for one-time expenditures like acquiring equipment, making repairs to buildings, training teachers to provide more effective instruction or purchasing books and software. Among the districts in Berks County, the highest increase went to Muhlenberg School District which got a 22.31% increase in BEF. This rank takes the Honor Roll rank and adds the percentage of students in the district eligible for free and reduced-price lunch into the formula. [148], For the 2009-10 budget year, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania provided a 13.29% increase in Basic Education Funding for a total of $116,029,024 to Reading School District. Teachers: Usernames: your @readingsd.org email Student Usernames: your studentID@students.readingsd.org Example 123456@students.readingsd.org. The Reading School District encompasses approximately 10 square miles (26 km2). He reported that at nearly 60 percent of SIG schools, more students are demonstrating proficiency in reading and math. Applications for the grants were reviewed and scored by a panel of representatives from the educational field and professional grant writers. Adapted examinations are given to children in the special education programs. In 2012, only 50% of the students were reading on grade level in grades 3rd through 5th, with one-third of students below basic. Due to the low academic achievement the Southern Middle School has been eligible for School Improvement Grant, which provide additional state funding to improve students' academic achievement. The School Board has determined that a pupil must earn 23 credits to graduate, including Social Studies 3.00 credits, English 4.00 credits, Mathematics 4.00 credits, Science 3.00 credits, Physical Education 1.32 credits, Wellness .50 credits, Safety/First Aid .18 credits, Computer/Career Awareness .50 credits, and Electives 6.50 credits. [38] The school was in "School Improvement Level 2" in 2010. The maximum scholarship award is $8,500, with special education students receiving up to $15,000 for a year's tuition. [61], By law, all Pennsylvania secondary school students must complete a project as a part of their eligibility to graduate from high school. The school employed 124 teachers, yielding a student–teacher ratio of 16:1. State - 76.9%, 2010 - 68% (16% below basic). Return to Top. [5] In the Commonwealth, the median family income was $49,501 [6] and the United States median family income was $49,445, in 2010. [72] According to a report by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, 100% of its teachers were rated "Highly Qualified" under No Child Left Behind. [37] Reading High School received $80,676 in 2010. State - 59%, 2011 - 31% (39% below basic). [200], US Census Bureau, American Fact Finder, 2009, Pennsylvania Public School Code Governance 2010, Pennsylvania Department of Education, Pennsylvania Public School District AYP History, 2011, Pennsylvania Department of Education, Pennsylvania District AYP History 2003-2010, 2011. State - 76%, 2011 - 66% (17% below basic). [168] The Pennsylvania Education Secretary awarded $66 million to reform Pennsylvania's lowest-achieving schools in August 2011. Reading School District is a large, urban public school district that serves the city of Reading, Pennsylvania. 2011 - 56% (28% below basic) State - 81.8%, 2012 - 45% (35% below basic). The strategies are: transformation, turnaround, restart with new faculty and administration or closure of failing schools. Sixth graders were moved to the middle schools. These schools included Northeast Middle School, Northwest Area Middle School, Riverside Elementary School, School of the Performing Arts at Glenside, Sixteenth & Haak Elementary School, Southern Middle School, Southwest Middle School, Tenth & Green Elementary School, Tenth & Penn Elementary School, Thirteenth & Green Elementary School, Thirteenth & Union Elementary School and State - 42% of 11th graders were on grade level. Only 1 school district sought an exemption for Nonacademic School Construction Project, while 1 sought an exception for Electoral debt for school construction. [162] Pennsylvania was not approved for the grant. State - 76%, 2011 - 63% (17% below basic). It is the amount the public school district pays to a charter school for each resident student that attends the charter and it is the amount a nonresident student's parents must pay to attend the District's schools. State - 66%, 2009 - 37% (36% below basic). Welcome to Reading School District's T eacher E valuation P ortal!. Schools. [154][155], The state's EAP funding provides for the continuing support of tutoring services and other programs to address the academic needs of eligible students. It serves students in grades 10 through 12. In Pennsylvania, 79% of 8th graders on grade level. The highest percentage of gifted students reported among all 500 school districts and 100 public charter schools in Pennsylvania was North Allegheny School District with 15.5% of its students identified as gifted. Due to the low academic achievement, the school is eligible for School Improvement Grants, which provide additional state funding to improve students' academic achievement. Students are eligible for Opportunity Scholarships to attend other public and private schools in the area. [57] Per the Pennsylvania Department of Education, one in three recent high school graduates who attend Pennsylvania's public universities and community colleges takes at least one remedial course in math, reading or English. A specific timeline for these decisions is published annually, by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Special Education employees receive an additional payment above salary. State - 77%. [172] Pennsylvania required low performing schools to apply or provide documentation about why they had not applied. [111] The Special Education funding structure is through the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) funds and state appropriations. The Superintendent and Business Manager are appointed by the school board. Of the 250 school districts that adopted a preliminary budget, 231 adopted real estate tax rates that exceeded their index. Uncover why Reading School District is the best company for you. The Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives Sunshine Review gave the school board and district administration a "B-" for transparency based on a review of "what information can people find on their school district's website". Funds are available to eligible school districts and full-time career and technology centers (CTC) in which one or more schools have failed to meet at least one academic performance target, as provided for in Section 1512-C of the Pennsylvania Public School Code. Districts are not permitted to raise property taxes above that Index unless they either: allow voters to vote by referendum or they seek an exception from the state Department of Education. The Business Manager is responsible for budget and financial operations. Additionally, service related, disabled US military veterans may seek an exemption from paying property taxes. Your application will be retained in active status for one school year. 2009 - 28% (49% below basic). State – 76%, 2011 - 36% (36% below basic). READING., Pa. - Reading School District students will continue to attend virtual classes online for the foreseeable future. [36], The high school was eligible for special extra funding under School Improvement Grants, which the school must apply for each year. Each year, the Reading School Board has the option of adopting either 1) a resolution in January certifying they will not increase taxes above their index or 2) a preliminary budget in February. The Reading School District encompasses approximately 10 square miles (26 km ). [171] The Pennsylvania Department of Education has identified 200 Pennsylvania schools as "persistently lowest-achieving," making them eligible for this special funding. [21] According to the report, parents in 414 public schools (74 school districts) were offered access to these scholarships. These interventions include: teacher training, all-day kindergarten, lower class size K-3rd grade, literacy and math coaching programs that provide teachers with individualized job-embedded professional development to improve their instruction, before or after school tutoring assistance to struggling students. [128] According to PSBA, the median Superintendent salary rose to over $130,000 in 2011. This is in addition to the state's basic education per pupil funding, as well as all other state and federal funding. Property tax rates in 2012-13 were set by the Reading School Board at 16.9200 mills. The statewide Verbal SAT exams results were: Verbal 491, Math 501, Writing 480. State – 58.3%, 2010 - 33% (47% below basic). For 2012-2013, 274 school districts adopted a resolution certifying that tax rates would not be increased above their index; 223 school districts adopted a preliminary budget leaving open the option of exceeded the Index limit. State - 65%, 2008 - 32% (45% below basic). In 2011, it was in School Improvement Level 1 AYP status, due to missing 13 out of the 14 metrics. [177], According to a report prepared by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the total real estate taxes collected by all school districts in Pennsylvania rose from $6,474,133,936 in 1999-00 to $10,438,463,356 in 2008-09 and to $11,153,412,490 in 2011. 2012 - 36% on grade level, (37% below basic). [142][143] Additionally, Reading School District received $1,912,874 in Accountability Block Grant funding. The Reading School District is located in Berks County in eastern Pennsylvania. By Pennsylvania law, all K-12 students residing in the district, including those who attend a private nonpublic school, cyber charter school, charter school and those homeschooled, are eligible to participate in the extracurricular programs, including all athletics. Teachers taking sabbatical leave receive 2/3rd of their salary and earn sick days.[122]. [118] By law, the district must provide mentally gifted programs at all grade levels. [58] Pennsylvania ranked 40th among states with SAT scores: Verbal 493, Math 501, Writing 479. For the 2013-14 school year, Reading School District had 13 of its schools on the lowest 15% for academic achievement in reading and mathematics, among Pennsylvania public schools. This district's average testing ranking is 8/10, which is in the top 30% of public schools in Vermont. Compare pay for popular roles and read about the team’s work-life balance. [138] Interest earnings on accounts also provide nontax income to the district. Reading School District Not your district? The highest funding statewide was awarded to Philadelphia City School District in Philadelphia County - $9,409,073. [147] The state's hold harmless policy regarding state basic education funding continued where each district received at least the same amount as it received the prior school year, even when enrollment had significantly declined. The property tax is not levied on cars, business inventory, or other personal property. [38] The school was in "Corrective Action 1" status in 2010. The Classroom for the Future state program provided districts with hundreds of thousands of extra state funding to buy laptop computers for each core curriculum high school class (English, Science, History, Math) and paid for teacher training to optimize the computers use. [125] Former Superintendent Tom Chapman retired effective January 1, 2011. Total funds that are received by school districts are calculated through a formula. We're here to help! They must meet the same eligibility rules as the students enrolled in the district's schools. Order By. Among these students 18,959 were identified with mental retardation and 21,245 students with autism. 800 Washington Street Reading, PA 19601. 830 N 6th St Reading PA 19601. The district employed 1,171 teachers, 810 full-time and part-time support personnel, and 74 administrators. This was the second year of Governor Rendell's policy to fund some districts at a far greater rate than others. [80] In 2011, Northeast Middle School declined to "Corrective Action II 2nd year" AYP status due to persistent low student achievement. According to the association's report, the average salary for a superintendent, for the 2007-08 school year, was $122,165. [121] The teachers' work day is 7 hours in ES and 7.5 hours in MS/SHS with 186 days in the contract year (180 student days). State - 59%, 2011 - 18% (64% below basic). Sign In. Northwest Middle School received $109,200 in 2009-10 and $86,180.00 in 2010-11. Dr. J. Drue Miles was named acting superintendent on a temporary basis following Vecchio's retirement until April 2012 when Purcell was hired. [145] In 2010, the district reported that 15,586 students received free or reduced-price lunches, due to the family meeting the federal poverty level. [68] According to a report by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, four teachers were rated "Non‐Highly Qualified" under No Child Left Behind. [97] Southwest Middle School was again eligible for federal School Improvement Grant funding in 2011. [158][159] The funding was limited to the 2009–10 and 2010-2011 school years. Berks County is ranked 112th of the 3143 United States counties for property taxes as a percentage of median income. "[16], In 2012, Reading School District declined to "Corrective Action Level II 6th year" Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) due to chronic low student achievement. exams. State - 73%, 2012 - 65% on grade level (19% below basic). [110] The largest group of students are identified as those with specific learning disabilities with 126,026 students (46.9 percent), and speech or language impairments with 43,542 students (16.2 percent). 830 N 6th St . For the 2012-13 school year, eight public school districts in Pennsylvania had all of their schools placed on the list, including Sto-Rox School District, Chester Upland School District, Clairton City School District, Duquesne City School District, Farrell Area School District, Wilkinsburg Borough School District, William Penn School District and Steelton-Highspire School District. The district increased class size and closed one under enrolled elementary school. Students may seek admission to neighboring public school districts. All requests must be made in writing. In math, 69% of the students in 3rd through 5th grades were on grade level and 11% scored below basic. [151], Pennsylvania's Basic Education Funding to the Reading School District in 2008-09 was $102,421,602.52. The Pennsylvania Special Education funding system assumes that 16% of the district's students receive special education services. Neither of these officials are voting members of the School Board. The Reading School District serves more than 16,500 students through its elementary, middle and high schools. READING, Pa. - The Reading School District administration on Wednesday said it is not yet ready to make a recommendation on whether it will … In 2011, 446 Reading Senior School District students took the SAT exams. State - 81%, 2012 - 64% on grade level (17% below basic). Food Service- Questions or concerns about EZPAY, free lunch applications or food service call Mary Lynne Bierman, Food Service Director (513) 936-7816 or email mlbierman@readingschools.org The Reading School District administration building was closed Tuesday for a deep cleaning due to probable COVID-19 cases of employees who work in … In 2009, the Reading School District residents’ per capita income was $13,086, while the median family incomewas $31,067. [20] The scholarships are limited to those students whose families' income is less than $60,000 annually, with another $12,000 allowed per dependent. State – 57%, 2012 - 47% (34% below basic). State - 65%, 2007 - 37% (44% below basic). [73] The school was on the Commonwealth's 2012 and 2013 lowest 15% achievement lists. We are here to help! [167], In the summer of 2011, the district administration did not apply for School Improvement Grant funding, from the federal government (over $9.9 million available). If you require technical assistance with applying, our learning center and support team is available. [127] The Pennsylvania School Boards Association collects and maintains statistics on salaries of public school district employees in Pennsylvania. [185] The average yearly property tax paid by Berks County residents amounts to about 4.66% of their yearly income. In Pennsylvania, 79% of 8th graders on grade level. In 2012 its attendance rate was 89%.[70]. The funds were disbursed via a competitive grant program. District Home. [198] In the Spring of 2010, 135 Pennsylvania school boards asked to exceed their adjusted index. [133], Reserves In 2008, Reading School District reported a balance of $8,414,442 in an unreserved-designated fund. The base index for the 2011-2012 school year is 1.4 percent, but the Act 1 Index can be adjusted higher, depending on a number of factors, such as property values and the personal income of district residents. 610-371-5971. The school employed 47 teachers, yielding a student–teacher ratio of 13:1. According to 2010 federal census data, it serves a resident population of 88,893. 13th and Green Elementary School's mascot is the Viking. 2012 - 8% on grade level (46% below basic). Southwest Middle School received $109,200 in 2009-10 and $46,180 in 2010-11. A mill is $1 of tax for every $1,000 of a property's assessed value. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, in 2011, the school reported an enrollment of 746 pupils in preschool through 5th grade, with 690 pupils receiving a federal free or reduced-price lunch due to family poverty. State - 80%, 2011 - 50% (23% below basic). State – 76%, 2011 - 72% (12% below basic). The grant stipulates the funds be used for improving student achievement using one of four federally dictated strategies. [101] According to a report by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, 100% of its teachers were rated "Highly Qualified" under the federal No Child Left Behind Act. The referral process for a gifted evaluation can be initiated by teachers or parents by contacting the student's building principal and requesting an evaluation. In July 2012, the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) released a report identifying most Reading School District schools as among the lowest-achieving schools for reading and mathematics in 2011. In 2011, Southwest Middle School declined to "Corrective Action II 4th Year" AYP status due to ongoing, low student achievement. District Home. [102] In 2012, Tenth and Penn Elementary School was in "Making Progress - School Improvement II" AYP status. The amount of increase each school district received was set by Governor Edward Rendell and then Secretary of Education Gerald Zahorchak, as a part of the state budget proposal given each February. Reading School District administrative costs per pupil in 2008 was $547.79 per pupil. Muhlenberg School District in Berks County received a 22.31% increase in state basic education funding in 2009. Schools. In 2012, Northeast Middle School declined to "Corrective Action II 1st Year" AYP status due to chronic low student achievement in mathematics and reading. Online Job Employment Applications, Web Based Employment Applications for School Districts and Educational Institutions -, our learning center and support team is available. The seat of county government is Reading.Berks County was home to an estimated 414,812 residents between 2010 and 2016, according to the United States Census Bureau. Due to the low academic achievement the Southwest Middle School has been eligible for School Improvement Grants, which provide additional state funding to improve students' academic achievement. Certain types of property are exempt from property taxes, including: places of worship, places of burial, private social clubs, charitable and educational institutions and government property. Reading School District is a large, urban public school district that serves the city of Reading, Pennsylvania. In Pennsylvania, 79% of 8th graders on grade level. The district reported that 14 administrators received a salary of over $104,000 per year. Students identified as having special needs and qualifying for an Individual Educational Program (IEP) may graduate by meeting the requirements of their IEP. She had recently resigned under a cloud of controversy from the Montgomery County School District, in Alabama. We will accomplish our vision by focusing on a few key strategic initiatives that lead to a meaningful and re… Reading School District. In Pennsylvania, 120 public school districts and 56 charter schools agreed to participate. Its audit of professional employees’ certifications and assignments found that 14 individuals were teaching without proper certification, including administrators. In 4th grade science, 66% of the pupils were on grade level.[108]. [176] In 2010, miscalculations by the State Tax Equalization Board (STEB) were widespread in the Commonwealth and adversely impacted funding for many school districts, including those that did not cross county borders.

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