About me

I like to keep an active lifestyle, that is why I go to the gym almost every day. Since I sweat a lot, I need to properly hydrate too. But I do not do that on a regular basis. I know drinking more water helps me – and other people – keep our bodies and minds in perfect shape, but many time, I just skipped hydration altogether.

I usually drink 42oz (1,25 liters) of water per day but I am well aware of the fact that it is not enough. Sometimes, I even reach 50oz (1,5 liters), but I am striving for 67oz (2 liters), as I am conscious that water is the best fuel for my body.

How much water I drink now

I start my morning with an 8oz (250 ml) cup of coffee. I do not consider it very healthy, but I really need it for the energy boost it provides throughout a busy working day. Water-wise, I drink one 16oz (500 ml) bottle of water until noon. After that, I usually get caught up with work that my next drink is right before starting exercising (around 7 pm), when I drink about 8oz (250 ml) of water. After my gym session, I drink a full 16oz (500 ml) bottle. And that’s about it.

How much water I want to drink

I want to drink the recommended 2 liters/day.

Drinking more Water as a Goal: How I plan to Achieve It

I aim to increase my daily water intake in two ways:

  • Install a reminder to drink more water.
  • Carry a reusable 16oz (500 ml) water bottle with me at all times.


After browsing the app store, I decided to install the app called Waterlogged. I have also read some reviews online about the best water apps and since almost all of them mentioned this app, I wanted to give it a try.

I thought that this reminder will push me to drink more water. Unfortunately, it was not the case. I managed to drink more water, but for different reasons.

Here’s how it went:

Day 1

I have installed the app and made a few observations:

  1. I have not received a confirmation email after registering on the app.
  2. After uninstalling and installing the app again, there was still no confirmation email. The second time I was able to register using the same credentials, but still didn’t receive a confirmation email.
  3. In order to receive notifications to drink more water, I would have to upgrade my account to a premium one. That means I have to pay $5 for the app to deliver what it promised.

Day 2

I drank 1,737 ml of water. The water app did not send me alerts, as I have not upgraded it to business, but keeping my water bottle with me all the time definitely helped increase my water intake.

Day 3

I drank 1,737 ml of water. It was like the water bottle on the desk kept staring at me and pushed me to empty it as frequent as possible.

Day 4

I drank 1,973 ml of water. This was the day I had caught a really bad flu, so I really needed to hydrate properly.

Day 5

Day 2 with the flu. It’s also the day I reached the 2 liters goal (2,210 to be specific), the message “Congratulations” appeared on the app but I could not share the good news with my friends. Although I kept pressing “I Am Successful”, nothing happened.

waterlogged screenshot

Day 6

I drank 2,210 ml of water. Day 3 with the flu. I was in really bad need of as many fluids as possible.

waterlogged app

Day 7

I drank 2,210 ml of water. Day 4 with the flu. Although I felt better, I did not give up on my new habit of drinking more water.

waterlogged screenshot


So what did the drinking more water challenge and hydration app did for me?

  • I have more energy throughout the day since I have started hydrating better
  • My mood has significantly improved during the time I was sick due to liquid consumption

I will keep drinking more water on a daily basis and keep a close record on the improvements I see and feel. My friend Lidia can vouch that if you drink two glasses of water each morning, your life will improve! You can ease your way into your new lifestyle by following Lidia’s example. Once you feel good about the whole thing, you can keep up the pace of drinking more water by also getting a hydration tracking app.

I recommend others to install a reminder in order to help them drink more water, just not the one I have chosen.

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