Ionized water is regular water that went through an ionization process that helps the water pH to turn more alkaline than it normally is. In order to achieve alkaline water at home, you need an alkaline water machine or a water ionizer. Today, we are here to offer you the nine best water ionizer options we found on the market. Read all the water ionizer reviews and pick the item that best suits your needs!

How Did We Choose Each Best Water Ionizer for this List?

In our quest to find the best water ionizer, we found six alkaline ionized water machines and three products in the best alkaline water pitcher department. To come up with this list, we browsed the forums, talked to users, spent hours researching the tech specs, and hand-picked even two products so new and promising, they even don’t have reviews yet – in our opinion, excellent contenders to the more famous water ionizers on the market.

Of course, you can also make alkaline water at home, but for pure non-stop alkaline water at your fingertips, we recommend you use an alkaline water machine.

So, without much ado, here are our top picks in the best water ionizer niche! We will begin with the best alkaline ionized water machines and continue with the best alkaline water pitchers!

The Best Water Ionizer Reviews: Top 6 Best Water Ionizer Choices for Alkaline Water


Product Name Size Type pH Range Plates Incorporated Filter Best For
Tyent UCE-11 Water Ionizer
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18.5 x 18 x 9 inches Under Counter 2-12 11 Yes EDITORS’ CHOICE: Green & Healthy Living
M9 Next Generation Water Ionizer
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17 x 17 x 16 inches Under Counter 2-11.5 9 Yes Long-Term Performance
Bawell Platinum Water Ionizer
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11.8 x 6.2 x 15.2 inches Countertop 2-12 7 Yes Lifetime Warranty
HealthyWiser Alkaline Water Machine
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13.7 x 13.7 x 5.9 inches Under Counter 3-11.50 9 Yes Luxury & Convenience
aQuasafe Water Ionizer
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16 x 14.6 x 8.2 inches Countertop 2.8-11 11 Yes Quality/Price Ratio
iRayer Water Ionizer
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6.7 x 4.3 x 10.2 inches Countertop 3.5-10.5 5 Yes Budget
best water ionizer Tyent UCE-11




  • 11 platinum plates
  • 2-12 pH range
  • Filter life: 6 months
  • Lead-free, PA free, FDA approved plastics, UL listed for safety
  • 18.5 x 18 x 9 inches
  • Warranty: Lifetime

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Why Should You Buy the Tyent UC-11 Water Ionizer?

To answer the question of what is the best water ionizer machine of this year, we recommend the Tyent UCE-11 as our top choice.

The Tyent UCE-11 water ionizer is the first installment on our list of best alkaline ionized water machines. The product is perfect for high-end kitchens. While expensive, this is the best water ionizer in the high-end kitchen category. Awarded the Water Ionizer of the Year for six years in a row, this product delivers on the promise of turning your tap water into the healthiest ionized water to use for a lifetime. Many users called it a fountain of youth, but let’s see other things about the device:

  • Dual Ultra-Filtration able to remove 99.9% of the usual tap water contaminants;
  • Under counter design;
  • Lifetime warranty;
  • An excellent choice for an eco-friendly, healthy life.
Pros Cons
Best water ionizer in the high-end department Pricey
Wide pH range
Easy installation
11 platinum plates
Eco-friendly choice


We began our water ionizer reviews with a high-end product that happens to be the eco-friendliest choice on our list and featuring impressive tech specs, together with a lifetime warranty. The investment is worth every penny and we highly recommend it in case you were looking for a fountain of youth!




  • 9 platinum-coated XL Matrix GRID plates
  • 2-11.5 pH range
  • Filter Life: 6 months
  • Molecular Hydrogen XL
  • 17 x 17 x 16 inches
  • Warranty: Lifetime

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Why Should You Buy the M9 Next Generation Water Ionizer?

When it comes to the best water ionizer that makes the water alkaline and delicious in your home or business, the M9 Next Generation is the best water ionizer for performance capabilities, lifetime warranty, and great tech specs. While pricey, this product comes with very enthusiastic customer reviews, which only point to its efficiency and reliability. But let’s see other tech specs and features!

  • Faucet-mounted controls;
  • Up to -800 ORP;
  • 2.0 – 11.5 pH range;
  • Filters need a change about 2 times a year;
  • You can also use it as a countertop water ionizer.
Pros Cons
Best water ionizer for performance and endurance Expensive
Excellent tech specs
Lifetime warranty
9 Platinum-coated XL Matrix GRID plates
Works great for both homes and businesses


When it comes to high performance and high endurance, few alkaline ionized water machines can match the capabilities of the M9 water ionizer. You do get to pay a steep price for it, but it does come with a lifetime warranty, excellent tech specs, and a clear delivery on the promise it will make ionized water for you and your family or customers to enjoy for years to come.




  • 7 platinum plates
  • 2 to 12 pH range
  • Filter Life: 6 months each
  • Optional 3-stage external filtration system
  • 11.8 x 6.2 x 15.2 inches
  • Warranty: Lifetime

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Why Should You Buy the Bawel Water Ionizer?

The Bawel water ionizer is, in fact, an excellent countertop water filter that purifies your water and allows you to enjoy healthy and invigorating “live” alkaline water. The price is more than excellent for the tech specs and especially for the lifetime warranty. Nevertheless, let’s see other tech specs and features of this high-quality alkaline water machine!

  • ORP range +600 to -800;
  • Comes with an Internal 2-stage water filter system with optional 3-stage external filtration system included
  • Includes 2 filters for the 1st year of use;
  • 10-minute installation DVD included in the box;
  • Displays PH & ORP, filters’ life  & alkaline water, or acidic water electrolysis settings.
Pros Cons
Best water ionizer for price/warranty ratio Not the best customer service you’d expect
Excellent features and tech specs
One of the best countertop alkaline water filters on the market
Easy installation
Voice notifications for filter replacement


Fairly priced and featuring a lifetime warranty, the Bawell water ionizer is among the best alkaline water filters on the market. A veritable fountain of youth, this product is a countertop wonder that will purify your tap water and turn it alkaline so you can enjoy years of health and beauty.




  • 9 platinum plates
  • 3.0 to 11.50 pH range
  • Filter Life: 6 months each
  • Dual filters
  • 13.7 x 13.7 x 5.9 inches
  • Warranty: 5 years

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Why Should You Buy the HealthyWiser Alkaline Water Machine?

The HealthyWiser alkaline water machine comes with an excellent price for its tech specs. It is a product that needs more attention from the users, as it seems to be one of the best water ionizers money can buy. Let’s see some of its most important features!

  • Auto filter-replacement notification system;
  • Luxury and convenience at their best: large, easy to read LCD display, touch sensor, and voice notifications;
  • Self-cleaning;
  • 400 programmable pH and ORP levels;
  • Convertible to both countertop and under-counter alkaline water machines;
  • 5-years warranty.
Pros Cons
Best product for hi-tech luxury and convenience It could do with more customer reviews
Excellent price for its features and tech specs
The dual filter system removes sediment, chlorine, chloramine, etc.


While the product needs more reviews, we have the feeling it will not disappoint any customer. With its dual filter system, the excellent price, warranty, and tech specs, this alkaline water machine deserves its rightful place on our water ionizer reviews list. It is easy and convenient to use – as it does a lot of jobs automatically -, not to mention it successfully turns your tap water into a fountain of health and wellbeing.

Now it is time for the two contenders we picked for this list! We are talking about two alkaline water machine models that still need reviews. However, after conducting our research, we feel you should also factor them in your purchase decision.




  • 11 platinum-coated titanium plates
  • 2.8 to 11 pH range
  • Filter Life: 1 year
  • ORP: -800
  • 16 x 14.6 x 8.2 inches
  • Warranty: 1 year

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Why Should You Buy the aQuasafe Water Ionizer?

First and foremost, this product comes with an unbeatable price for its specs. Nevertheless, we put it on the list of water ionizer reviews because of its versatility, technological convenience, and long-lasting filter life. Let’s see some other features that may compel you to consider this product during your purchase decision process:

  • 5 healthy water options: 2 ionized alkaline and 1 hydrogen-rich, 1 non-ionized purified, and 1 ionized acidic preset;
  • Activated carbon replaceable filter – it is able to purify around 2113 gallons of water and last up to a year;
  • 3.8’’ display clearly shows pH level, ORP, water flow, and the life span of the filters in real-time, so you know when you need to replace them;
  • Besides the plates, it also comes with a Japanese ionic membrane for more efficient electrolysis and longer working time;
  • You can install it on the countertop or hang on the wall near the faucet in the kitchen, bathroom or utility room;
  • Comes with user manual for easy installation;
  • 1-year warranty.
Pros Cons
The best product for its price/quality ratio It could do with more customer reviews
It promises excellent water filtration and alkalization
Versatile as installation goes
Plenty of helpful hi-tech settings


What we have here is a very promising product that seems to boast tech specs that not even the more advanced whole house water filters come with. Able to alkalize your water through 11 plates and featuring 5 different healthy water presets, this versatile device can sit or hang in your kitchen without interfering with your home design. Moreover, the price is incredible, to say the least.

Best For: BUDGET



  • 5 platinum-coated titanium plates
  • 3.5-10.5 pH range
  • Filter Life: 6 months or about 1585 gallons
  • ORP: -500
  • 6.7 x 4.3 x 10.2 inches
  • Warranty: 5 years

Check Price

Why Should You Buy the iRayer Water Ionizer?

The offer sound almost too good to be true: it is eight to ten times cheaper than other high-end products on our list, comes with a 5-years warranty, and promises 7 healthy water options together with other compelling tech specs. Let’s see other features so you can make an educated choice!

  • Comes with Japan-imported ionic membrane for the plates to increase their life, durability, and energetic efficiency;
  • 7 healthy water presets, including 4 ionized alkaline ones that vary depending on your needs;
  • Has a self-cleaning function;
  • OPR range +600 to -500;
  • 3.8 inches backlit LCD screen displays all the settings you need;
  • 5-years warranty.
Pros Cons
Best alkaline water machine for a budget It could do with more customer reviews
It promises advanced water filtration and alkalization
Works great if you move/travel a lot
Packed with convenient hi-tech settings
Excellent warranty for the price


The last installment on our list of water ionizer reviews is a product that looks dedicated to people always on the go who also want optimal water filtration and healthy alkaline water drinking. Easy to install and coming at a surprisingly low price, the device boasts a 5-years warranty and tech specs you usually find at the higher end of the market. Customers need to discover and test this product to see if it is as good in real life as it is on paper.

What is the Best Alkaline Water Pitcher?

The best alkaline water pitcher with an incorporated filter will not replace a water ionizer, just as it will not replace an under-sink water filter for example. However, the main advantage of alkaline water pitchers is that they are portable, stylish, affordable, versatile, and easy to use at home or at the office.

Many are able to remove a handful of water contaminants and Total Dissolved Solids, come with NSF certifications, saving hundreds if not thousands of harmful plastic water bottles a year, and turn alkaline water from a bottled luxury product into a cheap, portable, healthy lifestyle.

As you will see below, they do filter your water properly and make it alkaline and mineral so you can enjoy health and freshness in every cup. Alkaline water filter pitchers do not come with platinum ionization plates, but with cartridges and beds able to ionize the water and add calcium, magnesium, potassium, other minerals, and anti-oxidants.

As water filtration goes, you will be surprised as to how well these water filter pitchers work – if you do not remember the discussion we had a few months ago. So, let us help you find the best alkaline water pitcher for your needs!

Product Name Size Type pH Range Incorporated Filter Filter Life Best For
Dafi Crystal Glass Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher
Check Latest Price
11 x 11 x 8 inches Countertop Alkaline Water Pitcher Up to 10 Yes 1 month EDITORS’ CHOICE: Best for 100% Eco-Friendly and Healthy Living
Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher
Check Latest Price
11 x 5.5 x 10.5 inches Countertop Alkaline Water Pitcher Up to 9.5 Yes 3-4 months Alkalization of USA tap water
EHM ULTRA Premium Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher
Check Latest Price
12 x 6 x 11 inches Countertop Alkaline Water Pitcher Up to 10 pH Yes 2 months Highly Filtered, Alkaline & Mineralized Water




  • Alkaline ceramic bed to ensure high pH and negative ORP potential
  • Up to 10 pH range
  • Filter Life: 1 month
  • Filter Removes: Chlorine, toxins, contaminants, bad odor and taste
  • Eco Impact: Glass water filter pitcher
  • Warranty: Upon manufacturer request

Check Latest Price Read User Reviews




  • Ionic Adsorption Micro Filtration (IAMF) for all filters
  • Up to 9.5 pH range
  • Filter Life: 3-4 months
  • The filter removes some of the most common contaminants in U.S. water: Heavy metals, MTBE, VOCs, THMs, chloroform, arsenic, fluoride, salt, chlorine and more
  • Eco Impact: FDA-approved food-grade materials. BPA free. Filters tested against NSF standards
  • Warranty: Upon manufacturer request

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  • 6-stage filtration system for contaminant removal and water ionization
  • Up to 10 pH range and low negative ORP between -100 and -200 mv
  • Filter Life: 2 months
  • The filter removes Chlorine, toxins, heavy metals, bad odor, and taste, etc.
  • Eco Impact: PMMA or AS plastic, Nano-KDF, no recontamination
  • Warranty: Upon manufacturer request

Check Latest Price Read User Reviews

Before we move on to the next session of this article, we have to mention that some of the best water filter pitchers are also some of the best water ionizers – within their limitations – for city tap water and everyday use. Now, let’s discuss some tech specs and buying guidelines of alkaline ionized water machines!

Why Ionized Water? What are its Benefits?

We know you are now wondering why you would want to drink or use alkaline water at all in your home. The answer is simple:

  • alkaline (ionized) water is purer
  • ionized water is able to diminish the harmful effects of oxidants in our bodies
  • this type of water has a better, cleaner, sweeter taste
  • when you cook with alkaline water, it improves the taste of your food and beverages
  • users swear by the fact that alkaline/ionized water improves the health of your skin, hair, and nails
  • ionized water may also contribute to the alleviation of acid reflux symptoms as some researchers suggest.

Essential Things to Consider When You Buy the Best Water Ionizer

We will discuss in detail the tech specs and buying guidelines for alkaline ionized water machines at the end of this article, but before we begin, we do have to mention some things:

  • When you finally decide to buy the best water ionizer that best meets your needs, check out the accessories department as well. Most water ionizers have incorporated water filters and, as you already know from our previous discussions regarding whole house water filters, reverse osmosis purifiers, or even water filter pitchers, you need to frequently change the filters for optimal water filtration results. Therefore, make sure you find replacement filters and other accessories for each alkaline water filter that sparked your interest.
  • Water ionizers are complex machines and you need to take the best of care of them. Many are self-cleaning, but the majority need maintenance. 
  • Because alkaline ionized water machines are hi-tech devices with specific maintenance requirements, check out each water ionizer’s warranty.

How to Buy the Best Water Ionizer for Your Needs: A Short Guide

Before you decide on a specific water ionizer or alkaline water filter pitcher, you have to understand better some tech specs and features. So let’s discuss in short what you should look for and pay attention to when it comes to alkaline water ionizers and filters!

How do Water Ionizers Work?

Simply put, your tap water goes into the water ionizer, which then puts to work its electromagnetically-charged plates to create two water streams – one alkaline and one acidic. As we mentioned above, drinking alkaline water, cooking with it, or using it for self-care comes with plenty of benefits. You will be more hydrated, experience lower levels of oxidants in your body, enjoy purified crisp-tasting water for your everyday needs. You can preserve the second stream of water to use with your household cleaning, car wash, or plant care (for plants needing slightly acidic water).

What Tech Specs Interest You the Most?

You have seen plenty of terms and numbers so far, and the time has come to explain them!

  • pH Range

As you know, the neutral pH is 7. Below 7, you have acidic water. Above 7, you have alkaline water. Most water ionizers on this list allow you to choose the best water pH for your needs – from the most acidic settings to the most alkaline ones. It means that they give you the freedom of choosing low pH water for cleaning the house and high pH water to drink, cook with, and use for your face, hands, and nails.

  • ORP Range

ORP means Oxidation-Reduction Potential. In other words, the numbers associated with a water ionizer’s ORP range describe the water ionizer’s capacity to lower the level of oxidation inside your body. If you ever ate some superfoods packed with anti-oxidant elements, you know that drinking water with as few oxidants as possible keeps you healthy and young-looking. When you check a water ionizer for purchase, look at the ORP number. The lower it is, the more capable the alkaline ionized water machine is. You will see the numbers in negative, so a -800 ORP is an excellent choice.

  • Number of Plates

The more number of plates an ionizer features, the better. You have seen many water ionizers on this list boasting 9 to 11 plates. It means they have more power and will be able to offer you wider pH and ORP ranges. What you need to know is that standard affordable water ionizers usually feature 5-7 plates, while the advanced models feature up to 11 plates. The latter are more expensive and do consume some energy, so don’t forget to factor these elements in your purchase decision.

  • Water Filtration

It goes without saying – at least from our point of view – but what good is it to drink alkaline water that still presents TDS and all sorts of contaminants in it? The best water ionizers come with incorporated filters. Even the alkaline water pitchers – on the high-quality side of the spectrum – come with filters and water purification cartridges.

While the research on the benefits of alkaline water gathers new information every day, specialists agree your alkaline water should be clean and safe first. Many recommend you associate a Reverse Osmosis filtration system to purify the water with an alkaline ionized water machine for broader pH ranges, more added minerals, and lower ORP levels.

  • Under-counter vs. countertop

We listed both types of water ionizers and a couple of convertible ones. It is up to you to pick the best model that best suits your needs and space limitations.

  • Warranty

Essential when you want to buy the best water ionizer for your entire family or your business. Of course, the best of the best come with lifetime warranties, but we do not say “no” to the devices backed up by a 5-years policy either. Of course, such devices are more expensive than their peers.

Best Water Ionizer On the Market: FAQs

Before we wrap up this guide on best water ionizer options on the market this year, let’s get through a series of frequently asked questions we received from our readers. We hope the answers will help you choose an alkaline water machine better and embrace alkaline water as a new lifestyle.

What is alkaline water?

Alkaline water is water with an elevated pH level – over 7. As we discussed when we presented you with the best methods of making alkaline water at home, alkaline water is a type of modified water having some definitive health benefits and some advantages that need more studying.

Alkaline water has a higher pH level than regular drinking water. Because of this, some advocates of alkaline water believe it can neutralize the acid in your body. Normal drinking water generally has a neutral pH of 7. Alkaline water typically has a pH of 8 or 9. However, pH alone isn’t enough to impart substantial alkalinity to water. Alkaline water must also contain alkaline minerals and negative oxidation-reduction potential (ORP). ORP is the ability of water to act as a pro- or antioxidant. The more negative the ORP value, the more anti-oxidizing it is.

What is alkaline water good for?

Alkaline water seems to be a good immunity booster, also capable of neutralizing acidity in your body. Recent studies learned that drinking alkaline water lowers the severity and symptoms of acid reflux, especially in children. While the researchers are still out with a definitive verdict, small scale scientific studies show that drinking moderate of alkaline water on a daily basis helps with reducing oxidative stress and improving even the health of the bone and muscular systems in athletes.

What are the possible side effects and risks of drinking alkaline water?

Metabolic alkalosis is a possible negative effect of drinking too much alkaline water. However, in small quantities, ionized water is a better health choice. We recommend you start with moderate quantities and increase the volume of daily alkaline water progressively. Start by drinking two glasses of alkaline water every morning and tell us how you feel after two weeks! We are more than happy if you shared your drinking water experiences with us!

What is the best water ionizer machine?

In our opinion, the best water ionizer machine on the market right now is the Tyent UCE-11 countertop water ionizer. As we said above, there is no definitive answer to the question of what is the best water ionizer. It all depends on your needs, the space limitations you might deal with, and the amount of alkaline water you want to drink on a daily basis. Some of the newer models feature a handful of tech specs that might also interest you! 

Here are some models that come with excellent users’ reviews! If you are interested in them, leave us a comment and we will review each of them in detail!



Did you ever use an alkaline ionized water machine? Have you experienced the “fountain of youth” effects on your health and looks? If not, tell us what you think the best water ionizer should do for you. Moreover, tell us what you think about the devices listed here. Does any of them appeal to you? We’d love to discuss such matters with you, so feel free to use the comment section below!

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