Fredrica Syren


My name is Fredrica Syren, the author, and founder of and I was born in Sweden. I have a degree in journalism and have worked as a print, Internet and broadcasting journalist for many years both within Europe and the United States. After my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer and myself with pre-cancer, I changed my career to become a full-time yoga teacher and activist.

I am a mom of three beautiful vegan children we live a plant-based and zero waste life on an urban homestead middle on San Diego.

I am an advocate for organic, zero waste and sustainability and hope to inspire social change through my lifestyle, passion, and business.

I care about water because it is a natural resource that we ’re taking for granted and the one thing we can’t live without. We act like we have a never-ending supply of water and in the process, pollute water with chemicals, mercury, and plastic and use it irresponsibly. Water needs to be protected all over the world and everyone has the right to clean water.

My Recent Articles

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